Argyll and Bute offers an excellent work-life balance. Unemployment rates are below the national average and self-employment rates are above the Scottish average.

The key sectors of our economy include renewable energy manufacturing and generation, marine sciences, marine services, quality food and drink including agriculture and aquaculture, tourism, creative industries including film and forestry. The public sector organisations operating across Argyll offer opportunities in a range of fields including public administration, education, health and the emergency services.

Discover more about working in Argyll and Bute in our jobs section and read about some of the people who have chosen to develop their careers in Argyll and Bute, below.

Richard Hunt Smith

Richard Hunt Smith came to Argyll and Bute 15 years ago when he was looking for somewhere to settle in Scotland.

For the past seven years, he’s been E-Commerce & Sales Support Manager, at Lochfyne Oysters, Cairndow, but he’s also a part-time photographer, drawing his inspiration from the stunning scenery that surrounds him.

Richard says: “I freely admit to knowing almost nothing about Argyll and Bute before I started my search to relocate to Scotland. Having driven the length and breadth of the country to find a new home for my family I settled here. The scenery is stunning and it appeared to be a great and safe place for a young family to live and work.

“For me the best thing about Argyll and Bute is, without doubt, the incredible scenery. When I first moved here it was quite a distraction because everywhere I looked there was a picture-postcard view. Although I see now this as normal I am still very appreciative of it.”

I am definitely backing “Choose Argyll, Love Argyll” as I am living proof that opportunities are available here.

Richard has a busy lifestyle although the balance between work and leisure is good. His role with Loch Fyne Oysters is varied and interesting with the added bonus that he gets to work in arguably one of the most stunning areas in the country at the head of Loch Fyne.
Working part time as a photographer he produces prints and postcards and undertakes commission.  

Richard explains: “I provided the cover photo for “Ardkinglas: The Biography of a Highland Estate” and more recently a portrait for “Oyster Isles: A Journey through Britain and Ireland’s Oysters” and completed shoots for the abplace2b campaign. I’ve also photographed local events including the Best of the West Festival, at Inveraray Castle.

“Outside of work, my interests include walking our family dog which I combine with my photography. I still find it very relaxing in spite of it now being part of my work.

“I think Argyll presents opportunities for people wanting a lifestyle that is quite different from that of a large city or town. Living here you may have, for example, greater distances to travel for shopping and many of the facilities that you take for granted in a city but in my opinion the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

“If you love the outdoors, whether that is hillwalking, cycling, sailing or kayaking, this is the place to live. Fresh air, less traffic congestion, great food and arts are just a few of the things that make Argyll a fantastic place to live and work.

“I am definitely backing “Choose Argyll, Love Argyll” as I am living proof that opportunities are available here.”