Perhaps what matters most, if you’re planning to visit or settle here, is the welcome you’ll get in our communities.

Whether you opt for an island, a village or one of our towns, you’ll be made to feel like you belong.

This is a place where you matter. This is a place where you can make a difference.

Choose Bute. Love Bute 

We recently launched ‘Choose Bute, Love Bute’, our campaign to highlight why you should choose to live and work on Bute, and why you really could love living your life on the island.

We were joined, at the friendly Glenburn Hotel, by local businesses, community organisations and tourism groups who are inviting people to Choose and Love the island as a fantastic place to live, learn and work.

Choose Bute

There are so many reasons why people Choose Bute. To name but a few:

  • It’s well connected to Scotland’s Central Belt by ferry, road and rail
  • It’s teaming with innovation:  Experience the past, see the future at Mount Stuart, home for example of the world’s first indoor heated swimming pool; Bute Fabrics and Bute Island Foods put the island’s name on products that trade globally.
  • Ongoing regeneration includes the refurbishment of the iconic Rothesay Pavilion building.

People Love Bute because of its welcoming community, which has supported a number of Syrian families to rebuild their lives, and to achieve (delicious!) business success. They also fall for its diverse beauty, as well as for its music, cultural and literature festivals – something for everyone.

Why not pay us a visit – or if you’re an employer, why not motivate your staff by treating them to an away-day on the island?

We’re sure, like us, you’ll want to Choose Bute. Love Bute.